Subwoofer Pros Release SubMUTE Pedal

The SubMUTE Pedal is Now Shipping
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – MARCH 2016: SUBWOOFER PROS, manufacturer of studio-grade subwoofers with flat frequency responses for guaranteed translation, announces the new “SubMUTE Pedal” accessory. Manufactured by Whirlwind, the SubMUTE pedal is a completely passive device that simply connects or disconnects the subwoofer leads using a rugged, all-metal stomp box topology. Its wire-to-wire connections deliver zero-loss transparency when engaged, so audiophiles need not worry about sonic changes to sub performance by the pedal itself.

“The SubMUTE Pedal is a great complement to the SUBWOOFER PROS Studio Sub 12 and Studio Sub 18,” said Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group, who launched SUBWOOFER PROS to meet the previously unmet need for mission-critical subwoofer performance in high-end recording applications. Lunde continued, “Most engineers want to hear their mixes with sub and without sub, instantly. Many subwoofer systems and/or monitor controllers do not offer this foot pedal switch option. The SUBWOOFER PROS SubMUTE Pedal can sit on the floor underneath the console and the engineer can finally control sub on and off quickly and easily without any sonic penalty, regardless of the brand of subwoofer in use. The passive mono line level switch can mute any dedicated sub feed.”

MSRP: $99 • MAP: $89 • The SubMUTE Pedal is now shipping.

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