Sunburst Gear Announces M6BR8 Portable Monitor Speakers

Rechargeable Bluetooth All-In-One Systems
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Rechargeable Bluetooth All-In-One Systems

Sunburst Gear is proud to announce the M6BR8 Six Channel Portable Monitor Speaker System. Designed and assembled in the USA, the M6BR8 from Sunburst Gear is an All-InOne
professional high fidelity reference monitor speaker system that is compact and portable. The bi-amplified design features a 5 1/4" speaker paired with a 1" tweeter to provide maximum sound clarity. With 6 channels, the M6BR8 have inputs for a variety of instrument and microphone combinations as well as an aux input for jamming along with your MP3 player. Each channel has independent volume controls, mute, pan controls and 3-band EQ on Speaker Outputs.

The Sunburst Gear M6BR8 can be used for various applications ranging from monitoring in the studio and sound system for home to PA system for live performances or public/corporate presentations and outdoor use for parties and tailgates. The number of different ways to use these hi-fidelity speakers are endless.

It weighs about 24lbs and features Bluetooth® connectivity and a rechargeable battery for up to 15-hrs play time. The speakers are powered by a Class D Amplifier and Class V Adaptor that is EnergyStar© compliant.

The speaker cabinets are wrapped with Carbon Fiber Tolex for durability and constructed with MDF to enhance high fidelity sound. These cabinets also have a metal grill that protects the speakers from physical damage. Each speaker comes with a carry handle for portability and heavy duty mounted Control Potentiometers and Input/Output Connectors for unfailing reliability.

Sunburst Gear M6BR8 speaker system retails at $499.99 and will be exhibiting at Summer NAMM booth #1619.

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