Surround Version of WizooVerb Released

Created by software developer Wizoo Sound Design GmbH, WizooVerb W5 takes the flexibility of the WizooVerb W2 true stereo room emulator to the realm of full 5.1 surround sound. Like the WizooVerb W2, the WizooVerb W5 allows users to freely combine the authenticity of impulse-based reverb with the flexibility of Wizoo''s A.I.R. algorithmic reverb.

Exclusive to WizooVerb products, HDIR (High-Definition Impulse Response) refines the IR method of room modeling, improving the resulting reverb quality according to the company. WizooVerb W5 includes full 5.1 surround sound source models from 25 world-class recording and performance venues around the world. These include Ambience, Basement, Booth, Cathedral Brick Wall, Cathedral Dome, Chamber Large, Chamber Medium, Chamber Small, Church Concrete, Church Wood, Concert Hall, Dance Club, Drum Booth, Drum Room, Forest Site, Opera, Orchestral Hall, Philharmonic Hall, Room Medium, Room Small, Scoring Stage, Stage, Studio Large, Studio Small, Swimming Pool. A built-in graphic envelope control makes it easy to further sculpt these spaces.

WizooVerb W5 also features Wizoo's proprietary A.I.R. algorithmic reverb technology in the same package. Here users have complete control over parameters such as tail delay, room size, ambience, density and color. A.I.R. gives users intimate control over their reverb sound, anything from subtle adjustments to creating surreal spaces.

WizooVerb W5 allows users to choose between HDIR and A.I.R. technologies separately for early reflections and reverb tail. For the ultimate in realism, one might choose an HDIR model for the early reflections and fine-tune the reverb tail with the malleable algorithmic parameters offered by A.I.R. Of course, that's just one permutation.

WizooVerb W5 can also import standard IR files from third parties. This provides access to a huge library of existing acoustic spaces from around the world. Moreover, WizooVerb W5 can solve two common problems that plague many IR signals by trimming silence before the first impulse and removing the direct signal. As with HDIR, you can easily shape the imported IR spaces using a graphic envelope control.

Despite its sophistication, WizooVerb W5 is extremely simple to use. Users can start by choosing any of the 150 presets, either by name or category. Several common controls are presented on the front panel for instant access to the most important parameters like size, pre-delay and time, as well as two user-defined parameters. Users can also change HDIR rooms, import and edit standard IR envelopes and tweak the A.I.R. parameters. A 4-band master EQ is also provided. Unlike WizooVerb W2, the package also features surround effects including delay and gate.

WizooVerb W5 works on both Windows and Mac platforms and can operate in standalone or host mode. It supports VST 2.0 (Win/Mac) for compatibility with most popular software.

Minimum system requirements for PC are Windows XP; Pentium IV 1.3 GHz; 512MB RAM; 100MB free hard disk space. Minimum requirements for Macintosh are Mac OS X 10.3.8; Power Macintosh G4 1.42 GHz (G5 recommended); 512MB RAM; 100MB free hard disk space. Both platforms require a DVD-ROM drive for installation, 5.1 surround-compatible audio hardware and Internet connection (via any computer) for software activation.

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