Sweetwater Creation Stations Certified By Cakewalk

Sweetwater, the nation’s leading retailer of musical instruments and professional audio technology, announced its Creation Station line of music production Windows-based computers has been officially certified for use with the Cakewalk family of products, including SONAR 5, the SONAR Home Studio line, Kinetic, Dimension Pro, Rapture, Z3TA+, and Guitar Tracks Pro 3.

According to Sweetwater President and Founder, Chuck Surack, “Cakewalk has always been at the forefront of desktop music production for Windows-based computers. Their products have put music creation in the hands of millions of musicians — professional and hobbyist alike. We couldn’t be more pleased that our line of audio-specific PCs has been officially certified for use with Cakewalk’s impressive line of products. There’s no question of compatibility. Our customers can choose any Creation Station computer and use it with any Cakewalk software with complete confidence.”

According to Cakewalk’s Ryan Pietras, “The Creation Station is among the top digital audio workstations available. The first time I used one I was very impressed by its solid build, and it was apparent that every component Sweetwater uses to make a Creation Station is top quality. SONAR plus a Creation Station combine together to become an unbeatable DAW for producing large projects. This is due to the fact that Sweetwater uses fast dual-core processors, and SONAR is optimized for multi-threaded performance. And, the Creation Station isn’t just about a fast multi-processing core. All of its components have been optimized for production work, including the OS. The completeness of the Creation Station package, in terms of attention to every detail, is the reason why these computers will out-perform any ‘off the shelf’ workstation. We have customers ask us all the time which system to get in order to take advantage of SONAR’s multi-processing capabilities, and the Sweetwater Creation station has always proved to be a favorite. I should also mention that although the merits of the Creation Station speak for themselves, Sweetwater’s very robust and extremely competent support adds a whole other layer to the package and experience that is hard to find anywhere else these days.”

“We put a lot of thought into building the Creation Station line of music production computers,” continues Surack. “From the hand-picked motherboards to the type of drives we use, from acoustically treating the case to optimizing the operating system, every aspect of the Creation Station is designed for peak audio performance. We set out to build the absolute best audio PC possible, and I’m proud to say that we have accomplished our goal.”

Sweetwater’s entire line of Creation Station computers, including towers and rackmounts, can be found at www.sweetwater.com, along with the entire line of Cakewalk products.