Switchcraft SC800 Instrument Direct Box Release

The SC800 was developed with one goal in mind... to provide audio engineers and musicians with the highest quality passive direct box available today.
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The SC800 Instrument Direct Box from Switchcraft® converts the outputs of high impedance line level audio devices and musical instruments to low impedance, balanced and isolated mic level signals that can be connected to audio console's, mic pre's, effects processors, and other equipment with 3-Pin XLR inputs.

Built by hand in Chicago, USA.

-Jensen Transformer
-Dual ¼” Thruputs
-All Metal Switchcraft® ¼” I/O Jacks
-20dB Pad
-Pin 1 Ground Lift
-Recessed I/O Panel
-Laser-Etched Product Labeling
-Rugged Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

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