Symbolic Sound Releases Pacarana and Paca for Kyma

Pacarana and Paca are multiprocessor computers optimized for the Kyma Sound Design Environment.
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Symbolic Sound Corporation has released the Pacarana ($4,402) and Paca ($2,970), two new multiprocessor computers optimized for capturing, processing, and synthesizing sound for the Kyma Sound Design Environment.

According to the manufacturer, the computers offer reliability during live performances, responsive real-time control over sound parameters, fast loading times, plenty of memory for live sampling and playback, and more.

The Pacarana and Paca are ideal for keeping in a tight studio space or for traveling, since they are small and light enough to fit into a backpack, laptop case, or in a small rolling rack. The company says that the Pacarana is about the same size as that of a 15-inch MacBook Pro and is 1 rack unit in height; the Paca, on the other hand, is about 3 inches shorter.

On the rear of the computers are 2 USB ports, 2 FireWire 800 ports, and a DC power plug that connects to an external power supply brick. The Paca and Pacarana communicate with the Kyma X software (Mac/Win) running via FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394B) or FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394A) using an 800-to-400 adapter cable. Audio and MIDI I/O is handled by an external FireWire or USB converter or through a Capybara-320 with Flame FireWire I/O for current Kyma owners. You can also connect additional USB MIDI controllers, such as keyboards or fader boxes, using the second USB port.

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