Symetrix announces a renewed alliance with pro audio specialty retailer Mercenary Audio, who are once again carrying Lucid, the Symetrix brand targeted at digital audio applications.

The Foxboro, Massachusetts-based company is now stocking the Lucid 88192
A/D and D/A converter, and the GENx192 Ultra Low Jitter Studio Master
Clock. They will be actively marketing both of these models to their digital
audio customers all over the country.

Jay Fitz, from Mercenary stated, "We were very pleased when we found out
that Lucid was making a comeback within the Symetrix family. We had a
very strong past relationship with Lucid and are excited to rekindle
that alliance. We know that Lucid makes a quality product and did not
hesitate when asked to once again support the line."

The two companies forged a strong relationship earlier in the decade as
Mercenary became a successful Lucid dealer. They used their audio
expertise and market position to expose their customers to the high
quality, Lucid digital audio tools being brought to market by Symetrix.
It was a combination that served both parties well. But sometimes things
change in a business relationship, and that was the case with Mercenary
Audio and Lucid. They drifted away from each other for a couple of years.

"It was a partnership that was profitable on multiple levels for both of
us," noted Jim Latimer, northern regional sales manager for Symetrix.
"We each gained some knowledge, experience, and credibility from the
other. We had some fun, and got to play with some really cool,
high-quality, digital audio gear that enhanced a lot of people's