Symetrix Announces the Second Product in the 'Integrator Series' - The Deuce 722

Symetrix, the leading provider of signal processing technology for the installed sound market, is showing an all-new product for its Integrator Series at InfoComm 2007. The Integrator Series is a new group of products providing integrators extremely high value within application-specific packages. The Integrator Series uses the proven technology embodied in the SymNet|Network Audio Solution DSP toolbox.

The second product in the new Integrator Series is the Deuce 722, designed to solve numerous everyday audio processing problems for integrators. Built upon the success of the Symetrix 322 DSP Engine and the 9022 before it, the Deuce 722 packs everything ever desired into a 2x2 DSP unit. Paul Roberts, director of sales, states, "We've been considering customer feedback provided on the 9022 and 322 for years, rolling all of it and more, into the Deuce 722. The 722 might be the most versatile piece of audio equipment under $1,000 released in the past five years."

The Deuce 722 is an all-in-wonder 'Swiss Army' DSP. Its toolset can be applied to a variety of applications such as live sound speaker management, voice processing for public address, headphone processing and line sweetening for broadcast, nightclub system protection, and retail paging over background music or ambient noise compensation. The 722 also tames wildly varying digital media assets and assistive listening processing, all at a ground-breaking price. Featuring two inputs and two outputs (on XLR and Euroblock connectors), it contains microphone pre-amplification (featuring a THAT front-end with true +48V phantom power), compression, split-band compression, downward expansion, gating, de-essing, AGC, ambient noise compensation, feedback elimination, equalization, mixing, stereo width and balance, delay, and more within a single rack space. An exclusive new process known as the volume Clamp(tm) helps protect your sound system from overzealous DJs and sound mixers. Setup is easy and efficient with a straightforward Windows(r) interface connected over Ethernet. The 722 is also compatible with Symetrix Adaptive Remote Control (ARC) wall panels for user control.

"There is very little the Deuce 722 can't do," Roberts interjects. "I am amazed it has all those features, with such quality of sound, for the price."