Synchro Arts Announces June Sale

Save 25 Percent On All Products
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Synchro Arts are currently offering a 25% discount across our range of unique audio processing software: VocALign, Revoice Pro and Titan.

These products provide unique time-saving automated editing and alignment functions when working with vocals, dialog and instruments for music, film and video post-production. See for product information.

The 25% discount applies to all new product purchases, upgrades, rentals and Synchro Arts discount vouchers.

This offer runs until midnight 30 June 2015

View sale prices here.

What's more, Revoice Pro 3.1 will be coming soon as a free update to V3, so watch this space....

Pro-Audio Users' Comments

“Revoice Pro is a hyper-important tool, and I would suggest that anyone gets it for vocal tuning and timing"
Steve Williams - Producer: Sting, Lisa Stansfield, The Human League and Gary Barlow

“The results you get with Revoice Pro 3 are absolutely unbelievable”

Jonah Guelzo - Sound Designer And Supervisor: Robocop, Leftovers, Crossing Streets, Divergent and Furious 7

“Revoice Pro works wonders and has sped up my ADR workflow considerably”

Peter Shaw - Dialogue Editor and ADR Supervisor: Hunger, The American, Mrs Brown’s Boys, United and The Falling

About Synchro Arts
Synchro Arts Limited is a software development company based near London in the UK, with a global sales network through dealers and directly via:

VocALign, renowned for automatic audio alignment of vocals or lip-sync dialogue, was introduced in 1995. In 2012, we released the unique Revoice Pro software, which is valued by professionals as a great time and effort saver in audio post-production, quickly and easily doing what even experienced editors consider either difficult or downright impossible.

Now on Version 3, Revoice Pro's unique APT (Audio Performance Transfer) process can automatically and instantly transfer the timing, pitch, intonation or loudness features from one signal to another. This is perfect for matching the timing and tuning of double tracks or syncing ADR - and because you control the tightness, you keep it sounding natural.

Additionally, when double tracks haven't been recorded, Revoice Pro's Doubler process creates incredibly natural-sounding ones. What's more, Revoice Pro offers the simplest and fastest Warp functions for manually adjusting audio timing and pitch.