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Getting the Most from your Audio Editing Software
Excerpts from Electronic Musician - June 2004

Editing has been a part of music production for 50 years, but the advent of ubiquitous nonlinear hard-disk editing has changed the face of music, for better and for worse. Systems like Samplitude, Nuendo, Pro Tools, SAW, and every other DAW give us unprecedented speed, accuracy, and flexibility in editing audio. We can fix mistakes, adjust timing, clean up recording flaws, experiment with rearranging the sections of our songs, and generally fly things around and chop them up in unexpected ways. MORE>>>

The Simplest Form of Edit
Types of Fades
The Art of Vocal Comping
Brief History of Editing

NEW Product Announcement
from What's New October Electronic Musician
RME Fireface 800

RME has announced Fireface 800 ($1799), an audio interface that uses high speed Fire Wire 800 protocol to communicate with a host computer of inventive designs that have kept the company close to the forefront for decades. The V-Synth is Roland's first fully DSP-based synth, and it incorporates some of Roland's best ideas into an instrument with groundbreaking sound creation and performance capabilities. MORE>>>


Coming Soon…..
Samplitude 8

V8 will arrive soon!
Power for your musical ideas ….

* Realtime Surround Room Simulation
* MAGIX Elastic Audio
* Analog Modeling Suite
* Media Explorer & File Browser
* MIDI Drum & Controller Editor
* ReWire and more...

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What is Firewire?

Excerpt from Electronic Musician - November 2003
FireWire (more formally known as IEEE-1394) was once considered the future of audio interfaces, but it's not anymore. It's the present. FireWire's high-speed serial communications protocol offers... MORE>>>


Advanced 8 Channel Microphone Preamp
The OctaMic D is the perfect companion to the Fireface 800. You can theoretically hook up three of these guys to the Fireface and get a total of 28 channels of mic pres over a single firewire cable! All of the preamps then have a matching tonality and color, eliminating the hodge-podge sound of mismatched units. Read more...

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EM's 2004 Editor's Choice Winner
Audio-Editing Software

By the EM Staff
Electronic Musician, Jan 1, 2004

MAGIXSamplitude 7.11 (Win, $1,250)
A good audio-editing application lies at the heart of most computer-based studios, and this year we looked at several popular stereo and multitrack audio-editing programs. In the end we agreed that Samplitude Professional 7.11 clearly stood out for its long list of noteworthy improvements and its powerful new audio- and video-editing tools. MORE>>>

MAGIX Samplitude Professional 7.11 (WIN)
By Dennis Miller

First appearing on the PC in 1994, Samplitude has evolved into one of the most powerful and full-featured audio programs on the market. It lets you create up to 999 (combined) audio and MIDI tracks, can display individual video frames, supports 5.1-surround editing, and provides an array of professional-quality effects and customization options. In other words, Samplitude Professional 7.11 has the potential to be the center of all your music-making activities. Click here for Full Review


Sequoia & RME

David Kahne is one of today's most well respected and prolific pop producers. With credits ranging from Paul McCartney, Sean Lennon, Sugar Ray, The Bangles, Tony Bennett, Fishbone, Imogen Heap, Matthew Sweet and Wilco, just to name a few, he has carved out a very respectable place in the history of pop music. David also has scored several orchestral pieces for various ballets. MORE>>>