T3 Launches New Website

T3, a collaborative venture between sound designers ToTc, Teksonik, and Tim Conrardy, have announced the immediate launch of their new headquarters: t3.totcproductions.com. Stemming from various professional sound design backgrounds, the T3 group aims to release professional quality, commercial sound-sets for virtual synthesizers at hobbyist prices. All past and future T3 products will be available from the new website.

The preset collections:

T3-Volume 1-TSW is a full bank of 96 presets for Wusikengine based VSTis. These presets make use of the sounds in the 'TSW' (The Second Wave) add-on for Wusikengine products, sold by Back In Time Records.

T3-Volume 2-TSW also makes use of the Back In Time Records' TSW addon for all Wusikengine products and includes another 96+ presets.

To celebrate the launch, T3 has announced the TSW-2-For-1 Sale - from April 21st to May 3rd, 2006, all users of the Back In Time Records TSW add-on for Wusikengine products that purchase one T3-TSW volume preset collection ($10), will automatically receive the other volume free.

For more information, visit their web site at www.t3.totcproductions.com.