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Effects Added for Each Channel
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Take, the creative vocal recorder for iOS has just been updated to version 2.0. The new version adds effects for each channel, Voice Tune and mastering presets to add that final polish to your tracks. All combined, these additions turn Take into a recording studio that fits in your pocket, while still being super easy to use.

With Take, you can:

  • Sing, rap, hum or strum - record up to three channels of audio 
  • Sing over built-in beats and backing tracks 
  • Find new beats, backing tracks and community-made music on Discover to sing on 
  • Spice up your sound using separate effects per channel - NEW 
  • Use Voice Tune to gently fix flat notes, or crank it up to go full robot voice - NEW 
  • Mix your music with mastering presets - NEW 
  • Transpose your backing tracks to make them fit with your desired key - NEW
  • Share your tracks with anybody or everybody, to see where other music maker will take your song ideas.

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