Take the Listening Test

Take the listening test and see if you can find out what is the real guitar amp and what is the processed version.
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Here are the examples that the panelists heard for each of the six tests. To avoid having the text of the story give you clues to which is which, they''ve been reordered and there is a slate before each one plays giving its new number. The only difference between what you''re hearing and what the panelists heard (other than the differences between your playback system and the studio''s) is that at the studio, all the examples were played through an EMT plate reverb. These files were run through Sonnox's Oxford Reverb plug-in (in MOTU Digital Performer), using a plate setting.

Here are the various examples. Click on them and see if you can tell the real amps from the modeled ones.
Twin Example 1
Twin Example 2
AC30 Example 1
AC30 Example 2
Marshall Example 1
Marshall Example 2