Tape-Stop Effect: MOTU DP4

Tape-Stop Effect

Objective: Create a downward slide/tape-stop effect.

Background: This expressive dive-bomb effect is a classic, yet is not used too often in the digital world. Time to add it to your bag of tricks!

Step by Step: Most power apps have tools for creating this type of sound. Here’s one way to do it with the standard tool set supplied in DP4. With the marquee tool, select the section of audio you want to effect.

Go to Audio > Audio Plug-ins > Sonic Modulator.

The Raygun Pitch preset is a good place to start. Select it from the patch menu.

In this patch, pitch is being modulated by LFO1, so you’ll want to match the length of the selected audio region to the mod rate. Do so in the Modulators section of the plug-in by clicking and holding the gray box in the upper right side of the window and choosing the closest denomination to your region. If your selected audio region is 1-bar, for example, select Bars, then change Rate and Phase for LFO 1 to 1-Bar (as shown). Now the pitch descent will occur over the course of one bar.

Experiment with the amount of pitchbend in the Pitch field. And if you’d like to introduce a bit of dynamic filter to the effect, disengage Bypass and choose your modulation source in the Filter section of the plug-in

. Click Apply.

• Crash cymbals and other high-frequency audio yield particularly dramatic results.
• Looking for an even faster way to accomplish this effect (and don’t mind forking over some bucks for a third-party plug-in)? There are plenty of tools that do this effect automatically, such as Digidesign’s Vari-Fi and Serato’s Pitch & Time.