Tascam Announces Dv-Ra1000 High-Resolution Audio/Dsd Master Recorder

Tascam announces the new DV-RA1000 recorder as a professional solution for recording high-resolution stereo audio to inexpensive DVD media with impressive recording times.

According to Tascam, the new recorder is capable of audio recording at up to 192kHz/24-bit, and features Sony's DSD format—the basis for audiophile Super Audio CDs—as an available recording format. It records for over 5 hours of CD-quality audio to DVD+RW for capturing performances or meetings. The DV-RA1000 can also operate as a professional CD recorder, recording standard audio CDs for studio or meeting room installations.

"Until now, recording high-resolution DSD audio has cost over ten thousand dollars," says Jim Bailey, Product Manager for Tascam. "The DV-RA1000 drops this cost over 80%, making stereo audiophile recording attainable for anyone."

The DV-RA1000 is a rackmount stereo recorder that claims a user-friendly design on the front panel and professional connections on the back. Its professional I/O includes balanced XLR connections, AES/EBU and SDIF-3, and it records standard CD-DA, WAVE and DSDIFF files to CD and DVD discs. It also includes advanced features like a USB 2.0 connector, RS-232 serial control and multiband compression and EQ.

For more information, check out www.tascam.com.