TASCAM Announces TA-1VP Vocal Processor Price Decrease

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The TASCAM TA-­‐1VP vocal processor, co-­‐developed with Antares Audio Technologies is designed to help ensure that its users gets the best vocal performance possible, whether in live performance or in the studio. Featuring Antares’ world-famous Auto-­Tune® pitch correction, along with a combination of microphone modeling, tube modeling, compression, gating, doubling, de-­essing and a high quality mic preamp, the TA-­‐1VP is perfect tool for creating virtually any modern vocal sound.

What makes this a true TASCAM product is its versatility. The TA-­‐1VP’s features are not only ideal for professional quality vocal production, but for a variety of other uses as well. Musicians and engineers can utilize the TA-­‐1VP when mic’ing up an acoustic or percussive instrument, taking advantage of the compression, microphone and tube models to make sure they’re getting the high-­‐quality sound their recording or live performance deserves. With over a dozen mic models, +48V Phantom Power to ensure compatibility with any mic, and the ability to easily double track, the TA-­‐1VP will meet any real-­time performance or recording need. The TA-­‐1VP, already nominated for a TEC award, is another example of Antares’ creative and innovative technologies, along with the quality, versatility and innovation you can trust from TASCAM. At a new lower estimated street price of approximately $399.99, the TA-­‐1VP is a seamless and affordable addition to any home/professional studio, house of worship or live set-­up.

Key TA-­‐1VP features include:

• Antares Auto-­‐Tune Evo™ real-­time pitch correction with enhanced tracking and correction capabilities
• Ultra-­‐low latency for real-­time live performance use
• Antares Microphone Modeling simulates a variety of high-­‐end studio microphones with variable proximity effect
• Analog tube modeling
• Variable-­knee compression
• Downward-­‐expanding gate processor
• Variable frequency de-­esser
• Flexible 2-­band parametric EQ
• Automatic mono or stereo double-­tracking
• User-­programmable settings
• Dynamic MIDI control
• XLR microphone input with +48V phantom power
• ¼” balanced line input and output
• S/PDIF digital output
• ¼” footswitch input

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