TC Electronic LoudnessRadar in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Audition CC

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TC Electronic, a leading manufacturer of loudness metering and processing equipment for broadcasters, has teamed up with Adobe, a global leader in digital media solutions, to integrate its LoudnessRadar in Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC and Adobe Audition® CC on a license agreement.

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The LoudnessRadar builds on TC Electronic’s groundbreaking LM6 Radar Loudness Meter and offers a wide range of loudness measuring tools that are key to content creators delivering for broadcast, film and internet. In short, the LoudnessRadar provides an easy-to-read overview of loudness over time. It displays Loudness History on the revolving radar, Momentary Loudness on the outer ring, True-Peak clips, Program Loudness and Loudness Range in a single view.

“Loudness compliance is a key requirement for content creators today and moving forward,” said Simon Williams, director of strategic relations at Adobe. “Our Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition users will be able to have access to an innovative and easy-to-use loudness monitoring solution.”

“By adding the LoudnessRadar to the Adobe Premiere Pro toolset, Adobe has made it easy for video editors to get audio standards compliance right. The audio Target is always in sight, and it's easy for all to balance speech consistently against background sound and foreground music,” says Thomas Lund, HD Development Manager at TC Electronic. “We think audio professionals will be thrilled to have the convenience of an integrated loudness monitoring solution in Adobe Audition.”

Why Should Content Creators Measure Loudness?

LoudnessRadar in Adobe Premiere Pro
Most broadcasters have to comply with certain loudness standards in order to prevent systematic loudness jumps between TV programs. In particular, commercial breaks have caused many viewer complaints, and in order to make a full day of broadcast even in terms of loudness, standards have been defined.

By measuring audio loudness, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition users can make sure that the content they deliver for broadcast is compliant with the standard applicable for their country or region. It is the safest way to ensure that the client does not reject projects due to loudness issues.

Tried and True
The technology at work behind the LoudnessRadar has served at some of the world’s leading broadcast stations and post/production facilities for over a decade. In fact, TC Electronic has played a role in the initial ‘perceived loudness’ research studies that has laid the ground for international loudness standards, and in several cases has donated algorithms and technology to these open standards.

TC Electronic’s philosophy is that in many ways the best way to handle loudness in broadcast is to make sure that loudness is measured from the early stages of production and all the way to the point of transmission. If that is the case, there is virtually no need to correct loudness at transmission, keeping audio quality at its finest, and as a content creator that is a dream scenario – knowing that their content is being broadcasted just the way they intended it to sound.