TC Native Bundle 2.0 (Mac/Win) Since it was first released, TC Works' TC Native Bundle (reviewed in the June 1999 issue of EM) has not changed a bit,

TC Native Bundle 2.0 (Mac/Win)Since it was first released, TC Works' TC Native Bundle (reviewed in the June 1999 issue of EM) has not changed a bit, and that's not a bad thing. Version 2.0 offers the three excellent-sounding plug-ins that made the first version popular with musicians: the wonderful TC Native Reverb (reverb), EQ Works (equalization), and DeX (compression). The plug-ins are available in VST, MAS, and DirectX formats.

Added ValueOne important new addition to the package is TC Native L, a single-band limiter/maximizer with a reduction meter and controls for threshold, attack, hold, and release. Like the other plug-ins in this bundle, it has peak meters for input and output levels, stereo controls, ROM presets, and Compare options. And also like the other plug-ins, TC Native L has no bypass button; you have to bypass it from within the host application.

TC Native L includes TC Works' automatic makeup gain technology, which lets you easily achieve very hot levels without clipping. This makes TC Native L a nice mastering tool. It also comes with a histogram tool that gives you an accurate view of the amount of processing you apply to a signal. A histogram can show you the frequency levels in a file before and after processing. It also lets you compare frequency levels before and after - the difference between input and output - so that you can precisely control the amount of processing you apply. You can switch the histogram's scale between -96 to 0 dB and -24 to 0 dB.

TC Works has changed the cumbersome, key-based copy-protection scheme present in previous versions of the bundle: version 2.01 (now shipping) employs a more user-friendly "challenge-response" system, which simply asks you to type in the appropriate code.

Nice PriceThe most remarkable thing about TC Native Bundle 2.0 is that TC Works has lowered its price from $599 to $499. (Version 2.0 or later is available as a free upgrade for registered owners of version 1.0.) Because of its excellent audio quality, the addition of TC Native L, and the reduction in price, TC Native Bundle 2.0 is a product that is well worth the investment.