Teknosign Introduces the Sum Adjust Junior Analog Summing Amplifier

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Ceparana, La Spezia (Italy) - Teknosign has introduced the Sum Adjust Junior, a 1U rackmount digitally controlled analog summing amplifier. As a member of the Sum Adjust family, this product shares the same high-quality audio core circuits and great heritage of the others, giving you the best analog sound. However, the Junior is inspired by the great “total recall” consoles of the mid ’80s that were also able to store the global setting of the machines.

In the Sum Adjust Junior, each channel has an audio digital control attenuator relay with as many as 64 steps of attenuation: from 0 dB (no attenuation) to -63 dB in steps of 1 dB. Each channel is mounted on a single card, specifically designed with Surface Mounted Technology, which allows you to mount small parts very close to each other to optimize the audio tracks. In fact, most paths are shortened as the signal-to-noise ratio increases.

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The technology used in input balancing and attenuation allows you accurately control the level without degrading the audio signal. Plus it has control of the left/right pan position. Being able to realize the sum and intervene on the general balance in analog mode helps you get a mix that is open, deep and precise—something that is impossible to achieve while mixing with a digital audio workstation (DAW).

As another big advantage of the Sum Adjust Junior, you can control the machine via a dedicated VST plug-in from within your DAW. The bidirectional control over USB, reflects any action on the real front knobs within the VST plug-in and vice versa. You can create different mixes for every track and save them in the plug-in’s patch memory, as well as create automation for every single parameter.

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The advantage is undeniable. Just think about how many times it is necessary to change the stereo bus relationship during a track’s mix session and difficult it is to do that when the sum is performed digitally “in-the-box.”

The Sum Adjust Junior, with digitally controlled analog circuits, is the perfect tool for bringing back the great analog sound of the past into today's futuristic studios.

The Sum Adjust Junior has a price of 3,499 euros.