Thaloops Releases ‘99 Hip Hop Claps’ Sample Pack

99 Original Clap Samples
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ThaLoops releases “99 Hip Hop Claps” - developed by sound designers of clap samples used in:

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•Rihanna’s “Fading”
•Black Eyed Peas “One Tribe”
•Timbaland’s “Marching On”

The pack includes 99 original clap samples individually designed and sorted into 4 types by folders “Big Klapz”, “Medium Klapz”, “Small Klapz” and “FX Klapz”.

Microphones such as Brauner Valvet, Shoeps BLM-03C, AKG C-12, Neumann U-87 and Bayerdynamic M160 in conjunction with class-a preamps were used in the recording sessions to build the punchy clap sound for modern music productions. With “99 Hip Hop Claps” you might have 99 problems, but a clap ain’t one.

The sound-set is offered as a download, priced at $14.99. For more information, please visit

Demo at Soundcoud HERE