The 2005 Music International Press Awards

Magazine readers can’t influence it. Manufacturers can’t put in the fix. The music industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony draws on the editors of 58 magazines worldwide to nominate, then vote on, the best of the past year. Props to all, especially Gerald Dellmann of Musik Media in Germany, for getting this baby off the ground six years ago. Winners are listed first, followed by the other final nominees.
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MIPA Lifetime Achievement Award: Mr. Robert Zildjian, Founder of Sabian.

Best Innovative Product: Apple GarageBand, Line 6 Variax Acoustic, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

Guitar Effects (19" or Floor): Line 6 PODxt Live, Boss GT-8, DigiTech GNX4

Guitar Combo Amp: Fender Cyber Twin, Mesa Engineering Lone Star, Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100

Keyboard/Synthesizer (Hardware): Access Virus, Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver, Alesis Micron

Sampler (Hardware / Software): Steinberg HALion 3, E-mu Emulator X, NI Kontakt 2

Stage Piano: Roland RD-700, M-Audio ProKeys 88, Yamaha P250

Keyboard Workstation: Korg OASYS, Roland Fantom X 2.0, Yamaha Motif ES

Sound Libraries: Apple Jam Pack, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Vienna Symphonic Library Horizon-Series

Software Instruments: Korg Legacy Collection, NI Absynth 3, Arturia Arp 2600 V

Organ/Portable Keyboard: Clavia Nord Electro 2, Hammond XK-3, Roland V-Combo/VR-760

Live Sound Mixing Desk: MIDAS Verona, Innovason Sy80, Soundcraft GB4

Portable Sound: JBL SRX 700, Dynacord Madras, Bose Personalized Amplification System

Live Microphone: AKG WMS 4000, Sennheiser Evolution G2, Shure SLX

Tour Sound: L-Acoustics KUDO, HK Audio Cohedra Compact, EAW KF730 Line Array

Recording Mixing Desk (Project Studio): Yamaha DM-2000, Mackie Onyx 1640, Yamaha 01x

Mixing Desk (High End): SSL AWS900, SmartAV The Smart Console, Studer Vista 8

Studio Microphone: AKG C414 B-XLII, Neumann M149, Schoeps CMD 2U

Studio Monitor (Nearfield): Genelec 8000 Series, Blue Sky Media Desk, Dynaudio Air Series

Surround Tools: Steinberg Nuendo 3, Steinberg Wavelab 5.0, SPL MMC1

Recording Software: Cakewalk Sonar 4, Apple Logic Pro 7, Ableton Live 4

Desktop Recording Workstations: Tascam 2488, Korg D32XD, Roland VS-2400CD

Recording I/O Devices: MOTU 828 MkII, RME Fireface 800, E-MU 1820 / 1820M

Recording Hardware: Digidesign Pro Tools HD, Tascam 2488, RME Fireface 800

Recording Effects (Hardware/Software): NI Guitar Rig, PSP Nitro, Universal Audio UAD-1

Dance/Groove Gear Groove Box: Roland MC-909, Akai MPC1000, Korg Electribe SX

DJ-Software/DJ-Tools: Ableton Live 4, Stanton Final Scratch, NI Traktor