"The Art & Science Of Sound Recording” Available As an App for Education

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Announcing the ASSR Educational License: Alan Parsons’ award-winning video series on sound recording, The Art & Science Of Sound Recording (ASSR), is now available for educational institutions as an installable app.

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The Educational License comprises all 10-hours of high quality videos contained in the original DVD set installed in a custom video browser for Mac or PC workstations.

Installed simply from a USB card, icons for the first five videos appear in the navigation slider with left and right arrows to locate all 24 videos in the series—everything from acoustics to live recording sessions to mixing to the popular ‘Dealing With Disasters’.

This simple but powerful navigation system is key to letting students use the app as an immediate source of reference during study or even while undertaking a recording project. The video browser features play/pause, time skipping, volume and full screen controls and a clickable “Lesson Guide” provides instant access to each video’s main ‘topics.’

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Even though the Educational License videos play locally on each workstation, the Art & Science Of Sound Recording website can be called up from the within the app. Additional online resources include a forum—monitored by Alan Parsons himself—source materials such as uncompressed audio files and a ‘Student Center’ where all students at an educational institution can take quizzes on each of the 24 videos. Course instructors can monitor also quiz results, per student, per quiz, or per class via a sophisticated ‘backend’ that producers KEYFAX NewMedia set up for each school.

With prices ranging from $80 for a single License to $60 for 11+ workstations the Educational License is the most cost-effective delivery medium for the Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording series and is available in English, Spanish and German language editions.

The Educational License can be purchased direct or through music and pro audio dealers via distributor Hal Leonard.

More information from www.artandscienceofsound.com/education.
Enquiries to edu@artandscienceofsound.com