T.H.E. Audio October Newsletter--New Product Intro

After almost one year of reorganization, re-structuring, design, and testing, T.H.E. is ready to start shipping their standard series of mics, plus six new products that add to their modular system and create a new “Unibody” series of mics.
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T.H.E. moved their factory this year, working with new suppliers, hiring new “line” personnel and working to bring new designs to fruition. This culminated in their attendance at the 119th AES show in New York City in early October and presenting their new products to the public for the first time. They are holding back on shipping their new line of blank media and 3 new microphone designs until the Spring of 2006, in order to complete as much stock of their current product offerings as possible.

New Products:

CR-5 and CR-6 (Cardioid and Omni) Unibody Mics.
These rugged one-piece (unibody) mics are designed to go from stage to studio and are those wanting to make the jump from cheap, noisy, mass-produced Asian products to fast, quiet, and great sounding recording tools. Hand-made, using our patented designs, they give everyone the opportunity to hear what is known as THE “art of sound”. Our products have a look, feel and sound like no one else and these will let you see why.

KS-1 Cardioid Stage Vocal Unibody Mic
We worked hard to achieve a smooth, articulate sound with the new KS-1. This unit has our fastest electronics, our new, quiet condenser capsule series and tons of gain, allowing the vocalist to work either close (without much proximity effect) or at a distance you cannot achieve with dynamic mics (and still have clarity) to jump out of monitors or cut through the “ear bud” mix. It “hits” the effects so smoothly, your FOH or monitor mix will “light UP”! Classic look and built like a tank!

KR-50 1” Omni (Lollipop) Capsule (Modular System)
A new addition to our Modular System is a design utilizing our famous “super accurate” 1-inch capsule design (as in the KR-25A), now made into an omni. Many folks loved the sound of our original cardioid product and mentioned that it had a TON of rear-rejection. We had requests for the same sound, but in an omni to use for pianos, strings, section work, etc. A great tool for the studio – smooth and quiet, just like you would expect it to be!

CS-1 and CS-2 Omni & Cardioid Capsules for our Modular Series
Our new capsule research has allowed us to make lowcost additions to our Modular Series in the CS-1 (Omni) and the CS-2 (Cardioid) 16mm, true condenser series of capsules for the KA-04 mic pre-amp body. Now, there is an economic choice for getting the clean, smooth (never harsh!) sound that THE is known for. The CS series doesn’t have quite the “reach or air” of our flagship KR series, but the cost allows anyone to jump into the world of modular recording tools, which will save money and offer more choices for demanding situations.

For more information, visit www.theaudio.com.