The Band Stand

If you could magic wand away one element of the current recording set up, what would it be?

Mitch Gallagher,

While I prefer to have as little gear in the studio as possible, I’d most like to get rid of the room itself. With the spaces most of us deal with, it’s almost impossible to get them acoustically perfect.

Craig Anderton,
Editor at Large

Anything with moving parts, especially motors and fans — solid-state storage and passive cooling all the way! The result would be a quieter, more reliable, more environmentally friendly studio.

John Krogh,
Technical Editor

Cables. Even in modest recording setups, there are too many cables — TOSlink, coax S/PDIF, USB KVM switching, USB hubs, Ethernet, MIDI, XLR and 1/4" analog — it never stops. Besides creating clutter, cables can quickly turn your setup into an unwieldy beast.