The Crystal Ball, a New Generation Controller

Control Sound, Light and Video
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The Crystal Ball, a new generation controller 

Absolute UFO in the Computer Music world, the Crystall Ball overturns conventions and creates the show. Designed to create and control sound, light and video, Crystall Ball gives all your computer-aided creative work a new dimension.

More than a controller, a real instrument:

As an interface based on movement, the Crystall Ball allows for intuitive control of MIDI synthesizers and computer-aided creation software.

Faders and other knobs are replaced by optical sensors which measure distance and speed of the hands to control samples, effects, lights, videos, etc.

By moving your hands above the sphere, you can create an immediate interaction with the machine and your audience. In other words, the Crystall Ball turns movements into images and sounds. It allows the artist to easily connect with the audience , which witnesses the creation of a visual and musical performance in real time.

Besides the unrivaled interaction provided by the design and the innovative technology of the Crystall Ball, its unique design gives musicians the opportunity to achieve performances impossible with current control surfaces.

Sensors and Keyboard duo

Sensors and keyboard work as a duo.

Two modes for the keyboard:

  • Pad: each key can be used as a classic pad to trig samples, notes, or any MIDI events.
  • Crystall Ball: each column of the keyboard is linked to a sensor. On each key you can affect any MIDI message that will be sent to a synthesizer, or a computer, by playing with the sensors. You can have up to four notes or effects per sensors at a time.
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Memorise the position of your hands:

With its "Mem" function, the Crystall Ball can memorises the position of your hands above the sensors. The sound, sample and effect remain active while your mind and your hands continue to compose.

Adaptable andconfigurable

MIDI class compliant, the Crystall Ball can be connected via USB to a Mac or a PC without any additional driver and is compatible with most of the current creation software such as Ableton Live, Serato, Logic Studio, Max/MSP. Thanks to classic MIDI ports, the Crystall Ball can also directly control a synthesizer or a drum machine.

The 24 backlit buttons grid and the 5 optical sensors are fully configurable. A multifunction Jack port is also available, allowing a footswith or extras sensors (eg torsion sensors, temperature...) to be plugged

With its 24 banks and 5 quick presets and limited only by your imagination, the Crystall Ball provides a palette of infinite controls to assist your creation and inspire your personal artistic style.


• 1 USB port

• 1 MIDI In / 1 MIDI Out

• 1 stereo input Jack

• 5 optical sensors

• Silicone keypad

• integrated mic stand fitting

• metal alloy shell

• designed and made in France

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How does it work? 

  • 5 sensors
  • One row per sensor Allows up to 4 effects and/or notes per sensor in Crystall Ball mode or send/stop effects or notes in Pad Mode.
  • 5 possible presets per bank. 24 banks of 5 presets
  • One row for quick activation/deactivation allows to activate/deactivate a full line in Crystal Ball mode.

Configuration software & Scripts

The configuration software allows the user to assign to each key of the Crystal Ball its function :note, effectand playmode.

Functions of the Jack port are configurable from the software. With a footswitch or extra sensors you can control functions like 'Mem' or navigate between banks or sets, you can even send extra MIDI commands

For a quick handling of the Crystal Ball, Naonext also provide scripts for Ableton Live, so you can have native control of several functions such as:

Session andclipscontrol
Send andReturncontrol

Scriptsforothersoftwares are under development