The Field, Yesterday and Today (Anti-)

We love The Field's Yesterday and Today so much that we gave it a perfect score.
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Metamorphosis through repetition
Moment to moment, the songs Axel Willner writes as The Field seem to be running in place. But the stillness is just an illusion, and as his large collections of micro samples ring, echo and shimmer against each other, they achieve great change through tiny evolutions. This expansive yet minimal approach worked well on his debut From Here We Go Sublime, and after time spent performing his songs live with a band, the follow-up Yesterday and Today takes things far further and opens up the sounds, adding bells, glockenspiels and abundant live instrumentation to fill out the hypnotic tunes. Opener “I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet” teases before unraveling, and a lush treatment of the oft-redone “Everybody''s Got to Learn Sometime” takes both the song and The Field to new destinations. The rhythms and melodic washes are still built from tiny indecipherable samples that take inspirational cues from techno, but these deeply layered long-form compositions take the music far from its club roots. Summing everything up nicely is the title track collaboration with Battles'' drummer John Stanier, where the revolving themes and taut drum patterns showcase Willner''s skill at making little sound big and depth seem accessible. [5 out of 5 stars]

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