The Gaslamp Killer, My Troubled Mind (Brainfeeder)

Mind-bending beats

When it comes to the current wave of L.A.'s beat community, the Gaslamp Killer—with his wild, head-banging intensity and unconstrained approach to DJing—has an onstage presence that's tough to top. Aside from a few mixes, GLK hasn't dropped any original material until now. But his debut EP, My Troubled Mind, offers a brief but stimulating look into a promising producer's future.

The only way GLK plays it safe on his premiere is that he includes so few songs (only five without the intros and interludes). But brevity doesn't mean much when you can cook up tracks as bizarre and intriguing as "Turk Mex," which kicks off with high-impact percussion and Mediterranean strings before cooling off into a hazy psych-rock section. GLK's vision no doubt wanders but not to the point that he loses a sense of direction. Eerie sci-fi-tinged drum 'n' bass beats ("Anything Worse") and melancholy blues ("Birthday Music") all have a place to shine on My Troubled Mind.

Some may call it a short attention span, but the Gaslamp Killer doesn't let his sound go stale. And allowing his stellar beat work to evolve here proves that his skills aren't limited to the stage. [4 out of 5 stars]