INA GRM Announces GRM Tools Creative Bundle

Through January 30, 2017, the Creative Bundle will be at the Introductory Price of $49
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ina GRM, pioneers of electronic music research and design since 1958, and commercially releasing unique plug-ins for almost two decades, today proudly announce the release of their newly packaged collection of plug-ins for musicians: "The Creative Bundle."

ina GRM have been at the forefront of unique technologies and design for over two decades, creating exquisite plug-ins mainly used in the post-production film work by the likes of Skywalker Sound and other facilities in use on your favourite films to-date (inc. the successful 2015 release Mad Max Fury Road).

ina GRM's plug-ins are increasingly used by artists, musicians, DJs and in various other fields in the commercial music industry. ina GRM saw this rise and decided to package some of their best plug-ins for the creative mind... the 'Creative Bundle.'

Inspring vision in sound, the Creative Bundle plug-ins are original, organic, and allow your sounds to come to life through various attributes and concept design parameters.


This plug-in lets you create and control any type of delay line from echo to reverberation to phase shift, soften instrumental attacks, and create a wide variety of special effects: Delays consist of a set of delays which are variable from 0 to 6 seconds. Depending on the power of the processor, it is possible to have up to 128 simultaneous delays, with controllable amplitude and position. In the stereo version, the delays are assigned alternately to the left hand and right hand channels.


Evolution is used to obtain continuous evolution of timbre by frequential sampling of the input signal. The timbre of the input signal is sampled at more or less regular intervals; the output signal is obtained by interpolation between the sampled timbres. Evolution can turn any audio signal into astonishing textures or subtle smoothing effects. Just experiment by yourself using the downloadable demo version and get surprising results!

SpaceGrain enables the generation of up to 100 ‘grains’ and their placement in a multi-channel sound space. This gives you 100 points where your sounds are randomly assigned from point to point. Each grain provides a mono site for the sources to be heard. The input channels (up to 8) are randomly allocated to the grains. You can add delay and feedback to create extremely creative effects.

GRM Tools Creative Bundle Product Page :

GRM Tools Creative Bundle is available at :
Reputable Pro Audio Dealers worldwide, at the list price of $129

Through January 30, 2017, the Creative Bundle will be at the introductory price of $49.

About ina GRM
Pioneer of electronic music, the "Groupe de Recherches Musicales" (GRM) is a unique laboratory for sound experimentation. Since 1958, they developed creative activities and research in the field of sound and electroacoustic music.

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