The Juan MacLean, The Future Will Come (DFA)

DFA dancefloor darlings swing big with their sophomore effort, The Future Will Come, and hit one out of the park.

Better dance tracks are ahead
It''s a safe bet that any act that utters the phrase “Saw you dancing with the human,” as The Juan MacLean does over the acid scribbles of “No Time,” is going to be fun. The group''s sophomore album arrives loaded with expectations, built in part by the success of their exuberant Chicago house-flavored single “Happy House,” but the party bots, unsurprisingly, seem unfazed. John MacLean and Nancy Whang exude a slightly warmer, freer, more blissful sound, like on “Accusations,” which could fog up a mirror ball with all the exhaled breath and cosmic synths. The cold wind that ushers in “Tonight” makes way for warm, inviting melodies. On “One Day,” Whang and MacLean trade bitter lover vocals over a throbbing beat and rich, insistent strings. Slow burner “The Simple Life” is an instrumental until the four-minute mark, when Whang and then MacLean ease their way onto the shimmering, Italo pulse. The album captures a retro-future feel and remains centered around standard-issue DFA references (especially on “The Future Will Come,” which has a beat that resembles a slower take on “Losing My Edge,” droll delivery intact). But who cares when the songs are executed so well? [4 out of 5 stars]