The Metermaids Host Remix Contest, Bonus Download from Sufjan Stevens Mashup EP: Fans Have Chance To Win Reason 4

In celebration of their recent Sufjan Stevens mashup Nightlife in Illinoise EP, the Metermaids are hosting a remix contest that gives fans a chance to flex their mashup skills using the Metermaids song "Nightlife." Drawing on the vocals, bass and drums from the original track, fans will be able to use the free Remix Wizard widget to re-create the track. The winner will receive a copy of Reason 4 by Propellerhead Software, the track offered as a free download on iTunes and a track feature on the Metermaids MySpace page.
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To get started on your remix contest entry, please go to and click on the Metermaids, REMIX Nightlife or check out the Metermaids MySpace page for more details. The contest runs from December 19, 2008 - Jan 31, 2009.

In Nightlife in Illinoise, the duo remix songs from Sufjan's Stevens's critically acclaimed album Illinoise with beats and a cappellas from the Metermaid's debut album Nightlife. The result is a lush album that highlights the strange folky eccentricities of Stevens and the earnest lyrics and creative production of the Metermaids.

To whet your appetite for Nightlife in Illinoise, check out this featured track from the EP, A Breakdown in Chicago, or How to Sabotage Your Own Happiness in Two Years:

Download the FREE Nightlife in Illiinoise EP here:

About The Metermaids

The Metermaids are two New York emcees, Swell and Sentence, who met through NYC's underground hip-hop scene in 2006. Embodying the convergence of indie rock and hip-hop, the Metermaids represent a new sound in crossover music that bends and melds genres, unveiling new possibilities both lyrically and musically. After hooking up with the producer Matt Stine of 27 Sound they released their debut EP in 2006. The duo then hit the road touring with the likes of Brand Nubian, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Fabulous, Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), The Lox, and Camp Lo. In 2008, with an arsenal of touring under their belt, the Metermaids launched their first full-length Nightlife, a raucous mash up of gritty break beats, heartfelt lyrics, and a touch of rock n' roll. Nightlife is currently available on 27 Sound Entertainment.