Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to keeping its members at the cutting edge of professional audio technology and techniques, the Producers & Engineers Wing and The New York Chapter of The Recording Academy, in association with and XM Productions-Effanel Music, presented an evening of networking that introduced a standing-room-only crowd to a new form of musical collaboration., an Internet-enabled, software-based system that allows musicians, producers, mixers and engineers to work together regardless of geography, time zone or computer operating system, co-sponsored the event entitled "New Alternatives For Professional Recording," which took place on June 14 at the Fredrick P. Rose Hall, Studio A, the home of Jazz at Lincoln Center.
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After Randy Ezratty, Senior Vice President of XM Productions-Effanel Music, and Elizabeth Healy, Executive Director of the Academy's New York Chapter, welcomed the crowd, Maureen Droney, Executive Director of the P&E Wing, reaffirmed The Recording Academy's mission to continue to bring the music and recording community together. "The music business has been steadily evolving, and The Academy's P&E Wing has done the same," Droney stated. "We are constantly looking for new technologies and methodologies to keep our members informed, and to give them the critical advantages they need to remain successful in this fast-changing world. The team has worked long and hard to develop an innovative product that they feel will not only generate business for its users, but also help bring the recording community together."

During the course of ongoing demos in Studio A, leading members of the team, including company co-founder Kevin Killen, a five-time GRAMMY winner, showed groups of attendees how can help remove time and space barriers to musical collaboration. As Killen and co-founder and CEO Gina Fant-Saez demonstrated, eSession's Internet portal handles matching talent to projects, negotiating costs, and technical facilitation, ultimately expediting the creative process.

" combines talent and technology creating a much wider world in which to work and collaborate," Fant-Saez told attendees. "For artists, it's a chance to work with musical talent, producers, engineers and mixers in a way they have not had access to before. And for these individuals, it's an opportunity to increase their revenues and range of work by providing them the possibility of a worldwide client base. It's our goal to help bring together a global music community and allow anyone, anywhere to collaborate like never before."