The secrets of Paul Herman’s success? “Great songs, fantastic musicians and the best equipment — like sE microphones.”

Paul Herman is one of those rare talents who can turn his hand to any job in the studio — whether co-writing with Dido, Natasha Bedingfield or Mint Royale, or even co-producing with superstars like Corinne Bailey Rae. Consequently Paul Herman has his pick of the finest tools for getting the best results he can…
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Paul Herman has immersed himself in music from an early age, be it writing weighty pop hits or taking on production duties from the control room. His first break came back in the mid ’90s when he landed a gig playing guitar with Pop-Trance uberlords Faithless, and within a year he was fronting critically acclaimed dance renegades Skinny.

But it’s in writing and producing that Paul’s career has excelled, and with credits as diverse as Dido, Mint Royale and Corinne Bailey Rae it’s clear that his many talents are sought by the great, the good… and in fact anyone who needs that magic touch.

With this much experience in the studio Paul’s managed to hone his equipment to give him the perfect blend of quality and character. Arguably capturing the sound you need is the most pivotal part of the recording process, and just a quick look through Paul’s mic cupboard reveals his secret weapons of choice — sE 3As (stereo pair), sE Reflexion Filters, sE Z5600a, sE Gemini, sE mic stands and pop shields…

“Why do we have a cupboard full of sE gear? Well, the results speak for themselves! The Reflexion Filter is just a great asset for any vocal performance — even when recorded in a vocal booth. It gives me an even more neutral starting point for what I’m recording. And as a result we now use it on all our lead vocals.”

“But for recording acoustic guitars — or in fact any instrumentation — we reach for the stereo pair of SE-3a mics. People might say that we’re taking it a bit too far when we break out the sE mic stands, but they’re amazingly stable. You can really rely on those stands when it comes to solid reliability, especially when using sE’s bigger mics, like the Gemini. And the sE metal pop shield is the only one we’re using now.”

“The reason we bought into sE in the first place was purely because we were hearing so many producers and engineers tell us just how good they were. They were getting uniformly great results, no matter what they were recording — so we decided to try them.”

“We have a simple philosophy when it comes to recording. I guess it’s pretty much the same philosophy they used for those old Motown classics, which is to try to write great songs, record them live with fantastic musicians — no click track — through fantastic equipment. As long as you do all that in great sounding rooms then you’ll be sure to guarantee two things — big smiles on everyone's faces and great results every time!”

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