'The Ultimate Guitar Rig Building Guide' Debuts

Humfree Wiring of Guitar Systems and Avoiding Other Noises
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Prostage provides a comprehensive guide to hum-free wiring of guitar rigs for free download. The Guitar Rig Building Guide explains in an easy way, on over 30 pages and with many illustrations, how you wire your rack properly and what you need to know for a loss-free signal transmission. The manual is divided in a theoretical and a practical part including trouble shooting. Besides the hum, the guide also describes all other possible noises such as hissing or whistling.

Learn more here: http://www.prostage.eu/guitar-rig-building-guide.html

Prostage’s aim is to provide guitar systems that process all signals inside the rack. So, the front of the stage only comprises remote control units. The Prostage MIDI foot controllers and Loop systems are built around Prostage's core development: the StageWire Technology, which is a stage-prove MIDI connection using a standard microphone cable. StageWire also includes phantom power for the foot controllers.

Prostage was founded by Lukas Truninger, a Swiss experienced audio engineer and backliner. Lukas has worked with several international touring bands, such as Krokus, during the 1990s and early 2000s, gathering a wealth of experience which has contributed to many construction details of Prostage devices. Today, Wolf Hoffmann from “Accept” and “Flyleaf”'s Jared Hardmann are only two of many guitarists successfully using Prostage products on their extended tours.