An 80-player orchestral library, The Orchestra 1.1 adds new features and improvements.

The Orchestra 1.1 new features and improvements:

The Orchestra - ARP PAGE_1000

-A Glockenspiel was added as a single patch and in the engine instrument.

-Triplets are now available as a rate option for the arpeggiators.

-The new user preset system enables you to save your own presets for the ensemble instrument and even share them with other users any way you like.

-The MIDI controller which scales the dynamics up and down can now be changed between CC1, CC2 and CC11, so that you can use the mod wheel (CC1) for other automation.

-A new humanizer was added.

The Orchestra - ENV PAGE-1000

-On the mixer page, every instrument slot can now be assigned to a separate output. This makes it possible to mix and edit every individual instrument of the engine inside your DAW.

-More than 35 new presets and 15 new multis.

-The instrument browser now automatically updates itself to show the right entry for the currently chosen instrument slot.

-Mute and solo buttons are now also available on the main page.

The Orchestra - MIXER PAGE1000

-The mute buttons are now automatable.

-The note selection menu was upgraded with a new Top 3 option.

-In the instrument browser, the view will now always jump to the currently loaded articulation of the selected slot.

-When stepper or envelope data is edited after the dynamic controller was used, the engine will wait a few seconds before it jumps back to the current dynamic scaling.

-A couple of small graphic and function bug fixes.

the orchestra 1.1