Theta Music Announces 3rd Annual Ear Training Competition

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The 3rd Annual Theta Music Winter Games will be held on January 10th, 2013. This competition gives musicians a chance to win prizes by playing a series of music skill games for ear training and music theory practice. The games are designed to challenge and sharpen skills of basic musicianship, such as recognizing intervals, chords and rhythm patterns by ear.

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The competition begins at 11:00AM Japan time on January 10th and continues until 11:00AM on January 11th. During this 24-hour period, participants from all over the world will play three games from the Theta Music program that have been specially modified for the event. The player's score for the competition will be the sum of the scores from the three games.

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Amazon gift cards will be awarded to the players with the five highest total scores at the end of the 24-hour period. First prize will be a $30 gift certificate, followed by $25 for second place, and so on down to $10 for the fifth-place finisher. The competition is open to everyone, and there is no charge to enter. The only requirement is that participants must have at least a free account on Theta Music Trainer.

About Theta Music Trainer:
Theta Music Trainer is a complete set of online games designed for improving musicianship. Launched in October 2010, Theta Music Trainer provides musicians of all levels with a deeper understanding of music and a stronger ability to play music by ear. The music training games are classified into four categories: melody, harmony, rhythm and sound. Each game is divided into twenty levels of difficulty. Game scores are recorded and players can easily track their results and progress.

Theta Music Trainer was created with the purpose of injecting an element of fun and excitement into a musician's daily practice routine. Rather than simply doing the same drills over and over, the training is based around a set of 36 different games, each designed to strengthen a particular area of musicianship. The variety and pacing of the games are designed to hold the interest and attention of students as they practice a wide range of musical skills.

Since its release in October 2010, Theta Music Trainer has been widely praised among music educators and independent music teachers alike. "Theta Music puts the FUN back into ear training," says George Brodbeck of Ear Training Online. Thomas West, a prominent teacher and clinician at the Center for Performing and Fine Arts in Philadelphia, writes that the games are "engaging, entertaining, and get kids to listen closely in graduated levels of difficulty." Jeremy Boggess, Director of Mastering Music, calls Theta Music Trainer "the first ear training software that has blown me out of the water." In January 2011, Theta Music Trainer was selected by radio personality Kim Komando as one of her 'Cool Sites'.