This Week in Free Stuff: A Tube Saturator, Drum Machine & Ableton Live Pack

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Wave Arts Tube Saturator Vintage Plug-in
Wave Arts often flies under the radar as a quality producer of audio dynamics and effect plug-ins. I particularly like its TrackPlug ($149) channel-strip plug-in.

Now with the new release of its Tube Saturator 2 ($99), Wave Arts has released the original version as the free Tube Saturator Vintage. It uses circuit simulation technology to reproduce the sound of a dual triode preamp. It sounds great, but its circuit simulation technology is very CPU intensive. Tube Saturator 2 is much more efficient and sounds nearly identical. However, some people still prefer the sound of Tube Saturator Vintage, and they can now get that plug-in for free.

Tube Saturator Vintage’s features:
• Accurate tube preamp simulator using 64-bit circuit simulation technology
• Two common cathode 12AX7 preamp
• Baxandall 3-band EQ
• Drive control for distortion adjustment
• EQ bypass
• FAT mode for increased punch
• Analog-style metering
• No latency
• Up to 192 kHz sampling rate, depending on CPU speed.
• Mono or stereo
• Supports VST, AU, and AAX formats on Mac and Windows

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See the product page for wet/dry audio examples.

99Sounds Drum Machine Plug-in ROMpler
With 12 drum kits from 99Sounds and a plug-in designed by SampleScience, the free Drum Machine ROMpler instrument comes in VST/AU formats in 32- or 64-bit versions for Windows and Mac. They also promise future free updates with additional drum samples.

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Each of the 8 drum channels have volume and panning. An LFO controls pitch modulation, and there are global controls for volume, pan, and Low/High MIDI velocity range. Drum Machine supports multiple outputs

AfroDJMac’s Glitch Voice Michael Harren, Free Ableton Live Pack #154
This Ableton Live Pack makes lemonade from the lemons produced on a glitchy Skype connection. As AfroDJMac talked with composer/performer Michael Harren for his Music Production Podcast some glitchy audio during the conversation provided the fodder for Mac to create 6 Instrument Rack presets. There’s nothing like taking an annoyance and making it useful.

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