This Week in Free Stuff: A-List Effects Plug-ins

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Treat yourself this week to the candy of the music production world: effects plug-ins. These grade-A free chorus, filter, and amp simulator effects come from a trio of developers at the top of the alphabetical list: Acon Digital, Audified, and Audio Assault. Putting them to use will be better (and better for you) than a sugar high.

Acon Digital Multiply chorus plug-in
Everyone loves a beautiful chorus effect, and Acon Digital, the name behind several acclaimed commercial plug-ins and the Solo free reverb effect, presents the free Multiply chorus with a unique distinction. Each of up to 6 simulated voices is processed with a phase randomizing filter to avoid unwanted comb filter effects. It can modulate both the pitch and loudness, and a built-in EQ and pre-delay can effect the signal.

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Multiply can widen the spatial image of a sound, simulate several players performing the same tones, and more. It comes in 32- and 64-bit versions for AAX, AU, and VST formats on Windows or OS X systems.

Multiply features:
▪Chorus effect with up to six separate voices
▪Randomized phase filters in order to avoid comb filtering effects while keeping delay times short
▪Amplitude modulation
▪Frequency modulation
▪Adjustable pre-delay
▪Integrated equalizer for the effect signal
▪Graphical visualization of equalizer frequency response
▪Undo and redo parameter changes
▪A/B comparisons
▪Preset manager
▪Save, load and categorize user presets

Audio Assault Filter Crusher

Filter plug-ins can get really complex, and that can be super cool, but simple and powerful also makes for an attractive filter plug-in. That’s what Filter Crusher offers. It has both highpass and lowpass simultaneous 12 dB filters, each with cutoff and resonance control. Also, a Crush mode utilizes a modeled tube circuit to engage a tube-style distortion and dirty up your sounds.

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Filter Crusher sounds good on almost anything, and it’s fully MIDI mappable.

Audified AmpLion Free simulated amp plug-in
A free, light version of AmpLion Pro ($99), AmpLion Free uses the same level of Audified’s circuit modeling technology. A Track Player lets you play along with your favorite songs, and the metronome’s speed control can slow down or speed up those songs as you require.

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To make matters better, AmpLion Free comes with the GK Amplification 2 LE amp/speaker model plug-in and inTone 2 live effects processor and VI host as part of Audified’s free Live Guitar and Bass Bundle LE.

AmpLion Free features:
•A 5-channel valve guitar amp
•2 guitar cabinets with mic positioning
•Intelligent metronome (NEW)
•Sophisticated audio player (NEW)
•Advanced recorder (NEW)
•Standalone application
•Plug-in module - VST/AU/AAX

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