This Week in Free Stuff: Drum Samples & Software

Check out a new Dubspot collection of modern drum samples, a Yamaha RX5-inspired plug-in, and a TR-808 clone app for iOS.
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If you’re as similar to me as a bargain-hunting electronic musician is likely to be, you’re keeping it real in 2017—real broke, that is, because the holidays sapped your bank account. The good news is that staying on the grind in the studio keeps you from going out and spending dough. But you still could use from fresh inspiration, so today’s free haul focuses on the building blocks of your music: drums. After a few clicks, you’ll have a batch of super-modern samples and some timeless drum-machine sounds from the ‘80s.

Dubspot Sounds V6: Free Drum Samples by Sonic Scenarios

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I love it when the next Dubspot Sounds free collection comes along, because they always bring it. For Dubspot Sounds V6, producer and Dubspot instructor Mike Kiraly has collected some excellent, state-of-the-art drum and percussion samples taken from a few collections by his new soundware company, Sonic Scenarios. The 196 MB free pack of 24-bit/44.1kHz WAVs includes 75 total files taken from the Contorted Rhythms, Hybrid Drums and Modern Machines titles, and they are all expertly processed and recorded.

SampleScience Vintage Drum Elements AU/VST Plug-in

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From the self-proclaimed makers of “creativity pills for electronic musicians,” comes the Vintage Drum Elements free VST/AU plug-in for Mac or Windows—an easy pill to swallow to say the least. Creator Joel Bisson maade the plug-in with sounds from the classic Yamaha RX5 drum machine from 1986. With a straightforward, 12-pad drum machine interface, it presents 9 soundsets and some simple controls for volume, pan and effects settings. The soundsets comprise five percussion/FX kits and four impact instrument kits. It’s an easy way to inject some vintage neon color into your music. You download it from a Bandcamp “name your price” link, so you can get if free or donate a li’l sum’um sum’um for a job well done.

Elliott Garage EGDR808 Drum Machine Free iOS App

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Elliott Garage has been plugging away on vintage-inspired drum machine and synth iOS apps for years, and while it’s hard to find a full-featured drum-machine app entirely for free, its EGDR808 is a fun app that basically recreates the immortal TR-808. Its samples sound nice; the layout stays true to the original; but an easy Quick Edit view makes it simple and visual to edit patterns rapidly on either an iPad or iPhone screen. Paying $3.99 for the full version opens up Song Mode, save/export ability and additional MIDI and audio features.

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