This Week in Free Stuff: Game Boy, Drum & Music Box Kontakt Instruments

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Impact Soundworks Super Audio Boy Kontakt Instrument
When I reviewed the Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart Retro Game Samples Kontakt instrument least year, it was a popular read, because of the widespread love for chiptune music, or at least for the vintage video game sounds that comprise it. In addition to updating Super Audio Cart to v.1.2, Impact Soundworks is now giving away Super Audio Boy, a version of the full instrument that includes just the Nintendo Game Boy multisamples.

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All of the Game Boy hardware’s key waveforms were multisampled, along with extra PCM drum samples and waveforms. More than 50 presets provide the authentic original Game Boy sounds, along with new, modern sounds. The full sound-design engine gives you four independent source layers with their own parameter controls, many filter models, 5 effects racks, arpeggiator/gate/sequencer, and 64-slot mod matrix — all the same capabilities as the full Super Audio Cart ($149) product.

The big catch to Super Audio Boy is that it requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. If you only have the free Kontakt Player, you can use Super Audio Boy, but only in sessions limited to 15 minutes each.

Channel Robot Grid Machine Free Chain - Drums

This free version of the Channel Robot Grid Machine Kontakt instrument includes 10 vintage drum sounds sampled through an analog valve amp/tape machine chain and a quirky beat programming process. There are more than 50 presets included for the 808, 909, 606, 626, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Linn LM-1, and Korg KR-55 sounds. Channel Robot emphasizes that the Grid Machine isn’t specifically for 4-on-the-floor beats but rather for coming up with wilder, less usual stuff.

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Dream Audio Tools Dream Box Free Music Box Kontakt Library

With dozens of Kontakt sound libraries under it’s belt, Dream Audio Tools has just released the free Dream Box for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. It includes three Kontakt instrument settings in a 30MB folder sampled from an old wooden music box. It’s simple but sweet. Dream Audio will sign you up to its newsletter for downloading.

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