This Week in Free Stuff: Glitchmachines Sample Pack & Rhythmic Plug-ins

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This week’s free tools share the characteristic of unusual, bizarre and/or complex rhythms, but they also offer value to producers who don’t sail the polyrhythmic seas. Safe travels.

Glitchmachines Sample Pack and Ivo Ivanov Album, Teratoma
The founder and lead sound designer of the experimental audio plug-in and soundware company Glitchmachines, Ivo Ivanov, has released a new album of experimental electronic music through Detroit Underground Records. The 10-track album Teratoma took 1,800+ hours over 2.5 years to produce using techniques that Ivanov has cultivated over two decades of sound design. In addition to the album in both 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV and 320kbps MP3 formats, Glitchmachines has made available a Teratoma sample pack with 150 24-bit/96kHz WAV samples that were used on the album and are only available through this free pack.

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The Teratoma album evokes some kind fantasy land where spastic, almost speed-metal beats are played with electronic drums over ghostly, astral-traveling soundscapes and whimsical synth textures.

Meanwhile, the pristine-quality Teratoma WAV samples shed some light on the some of the album sounds’ origin. Many of them use field recording source material of dialog, crowd noise and other ambient sounds heavily processed to float through the stereo space and shape-shift in ways that only the creator of some of the world’s most audio-mangling plug-ins like Glitchmachines could explain. This free download celebrates Glitchmachines’ 12-year anniversary, and we’re fortunate to have these alien creations in our world.

Anarchy Rhythms Pattern Editor Plug-in
Somewhere between an audio effect and an audio-controlled drum machine, the free Anarchy Rhythms plug-in feeds your input audio material into a user configured matrix of amplitude modulation, bandpass filtering, feedback loops, internal oscillation and compression to produce rhythmic patterns. It uses the timbre of the audio input to help determine the outcome, and it includes some sounds to get you started. Try feeding it some of the Teratoma sounds above, and enjoy the ride.

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• Pattern editor for composition of rhythmic patterns
• Mixer to control parameters for each sound
• Edit pane to specify envelopes for the parameters
• Collection of preset patterns and sounds
• Parameter automation using MIDI controllers or VST automation
• VST Time Information to synchronize with host sequencers
• Supports non-4/4 time signatures
• In, Out and Wet/Dry sliders keep their state on preset/pattern changes
• 32-bit & 64-bit versions for Mac (VST 2.4/AU) & Windows (VST 2.4)

Audiority Freemod Phase Modulator Plug-in
Whether you looking to transform some basic beats or simply add some synced tremolo to any source, the stereo Freemod Phase Modulator produces spatial shifting, low-fi, and FM-like sounds with rows of phase modulation, LFO and envelope controls.

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The tempo-synced LFO has 11 waveforms, and the modulating oscillator has 10, so you can try out a wide variety of shapes and speeds to the effect.

Freemod Spec:
• Phase Modulation
• Modulating oscillator with 10 waveforms
• Tempo synced LFO with 11 waveforms
• Envelope Follower
• VST, AU and AAX formats

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