This Week in Free Stuff: Halloween Edition - Sound Effects & Samples

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Doesn’t it seem like every year, Halloween becomes less and less a holiday for kids and more and more a holiday for adults who have never grown up? That’s just fine with me. The world “adult” means “fully grown” or “fully developed,” which is just fine in the physical sense. To be a physically full-grown person in a first-world society takes little talent or ability other than to stay alive for a certain number of years. But in terms of creativity, thought, and ability, who ever wants to be a “fully developed” or “fully grown” musician? Certainly not me, and hopefully not anyone I ever collaborate with. If you’re already finished growing or developing, then the only way to go from there is downward.

This Halloween, rage against the dying of the light by not doing the adult thing: put on a costume and get silly. But you’re probably already going to do that, because you’re living that life, aren’t you? However, maybe you’re making the pro move by sacrificing other things to stay on your grind. There’s nothing wrong with that either, and there has been a rush of Halloween-themed treats this week to nurture the kid in you while you work on your musical tricks. Dig in, and if you need even more professional material, A Sound Effect has you covered with its Ultimate Halloween Horror Sound Effects Guide. Those items are not free — free stuff below!

Function Loops Halloween 2017 Sample Pack
A culling of scary content from various Function Loops products, this pack includes Devil Voices, Evil Drums, and other soundscapes and effects. The 70 24-bit/44.1 kHz WAVs are key- and tempo-labelled where appropriate in a 270MB download. The zipped folder also includes a 40% discount code to the Function Loops store.

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SoundBits Mangled Screams
What you read is what you get here: 55 human and monster screams in 24-bit/48 or 96kHz WAV format. The creators treated most of these with some very cool processing, and some are specifically labled as Zombie, Devel, Mutant Gorilla, etc. The 95MB download also includes a 30% off coupon for the SoundBits shop.

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Thunderstorm Sounds from Johannesburg
Here another straightforward offering: a thunderstorm field recording from George Vlad, whom I can neither confirm nor deny is descended from Vlad the Impaler. Just go to the Soundcloud page and choose Download from the More menu underneath the comment field.

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Reverb’s and Soundtrack Loops’ Halloween-themed Sample Packs & Ableton Live Sessions — FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME
And now for the mother lode. Reverb has made two of its fully-loaded horror synth Ableton Live 9 sessions free until this November 1st with the code HALLOWEENSAMPLES. (After that, they’re only $1.99 each). The Synth Sounds of Halloween session presents sound design and production techniques behind the synths in John Carpenter’s classic movie Halloween, and comes in a huge 2.3GB download.

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The Synth Sounds of Horror Ableton Live 9 session explores similar territory but is more preset-based and covers many horror-sound staples from white noise to bells. It’s only a 57MB package.

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If you don’t use Ableton Live 9 , you can still get The Synth Sounds of Horror as an 89MB WAV sample pack. You can get all these links, as well as some other discounted horror sound packs here.

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