This Week in Free Stuff: Instrument & Effect Mother Lode

More Than 150 Free Instruments and Effects Await the Right User
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When you’re a beggar, you can’t be a chooser, and some weeks are better that others when it comes to scouting out the complimentary music tools that the Ultranet has to offer.

So this week, let’s be thankful for a veritable buffet, a panoply, an abundance, a cornucopia if you will, of free goods. As far a sheer numbers go, this may be the most copious collection of no-cost instrument and effect downloads that has popped up in a while.

It comes with some caveats, however. If you’re an Ableton Live 9 user on a Windows machine, this is your day. The universally useful tools are in shorter supply, and one of these treasure chests has been opened due to some unfortunate circumstances that remind you that it’s good to receive, but also to give.

Wok Wave - Instrument, Effect and MIDI Devices
For Windows users only, Wok Wave has made all of its 80+ effect, instrument and MIDI device plug-ins now free to download. The catch, however, is that due to a family illness, the independent developer behind them all has suspended support for the software. He also requests donations through a Gofundme campaign to help with the medical expenses for his stepson. If people were to donate just 10 cents for every plug-in they liked, they could make a big difference.

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Puremagnetik Mélange - Giant Ableton Live 9 Pack
Ableton Live users have all the fun, don’t they? Well not ALL of it, but it does seem sometimes that the electronic music world revolves around them. Today is no different, because German boutique company Puremagnetik has put out Mélange, a hodge-podge collection from its catalog, for free. Within Mélange you’ll find 70 instrument and effect Racks for Live 9 divided into seven categories that represent Chip Tune styles, film scoring techniques, bread-and-butter loops, classic synths, and more. You’ll need more than 1GB of disk space to tap into all these resources.

Soniccouture’s Free Toys
And now a little something for everyone. A specialist of Kontakt and Kontakt Player instruments, Soniccouture offers many reasonably priced sample-based speciality instruments, but they’ve also made a few of them available for free once you register an account. These include Concert Kazoos, Speak & Spell (sampled from a circuit bent version of the ‘80s gadget) and the RMI Rocksichord, which was a super-obscure electric harpsichord used mostly in the ’60s and ’70s.
[Soniccouture SpeaknSpell.png]

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AfroDJMac 1979 Crumar Performer - String Synth
Ah yes, our old friend AfroDJMac can’t stop, won’t stop. The Ableton Certified Trainer and artist’s latest free Live Pack samples the Crumar Performer Italian polyphonic analog string synthesizer. Eight programmed macro controls do a great job of putting the vital sweetening tools at your fingertips. The Performer wasn’t entirely limited to string sounds, but fans of thick, warm pads from bands like Air and Duran Duran will want to give this a try.

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CloudBounce Free Mastering for Reason Users
We love them, but let’s be honest, free samples and devices come around all the time. How about a free gift that almost every musician really needs? I’m talking about mastering.

CloudBounce, the latest online mastering-by-algorithms service, is giving Reason users one free high-res master and 40% off subscription prices until the deal expires at the end of July.

You may already know about LANDR, another online software-based mastering tool. But whether you’ve tried LANDR or not, CloudBounce is its own product that will have its own character, just like one plug-in synth is not exactly like the other. Hearing is believing, so why not take the pilgrimage?

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