This Week in Free Stuff: iZotope, a Sampler & Black Holes

This Week Brings you a Free Spectral Shaper from iZotope, a Cloud-based Sampler Plug-in from Soundslates and an Ableton Live Drum Rack Sampled from Two Black Holes Colliding
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It’s quality over quantity this week friends, and as an almost unheard of event has come to pass: iZotope released a free plug-in! We also have the first offering from a budding online music collaboration system called Soundslates MPA, the cloud-connected Moody Sampler plug-in. Finally, the third offering should be worth the wait: an Ableton Live Drum Rack 1.3 billion years in the making!

iZotope Neutrino Spectral-Shaping Plug-in

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There aren’t many names in audio technology as trusted as iZotope, whose high-tech processors and creative plug-ins pros rely on for mixing, mastering and audio post at the highest levels. So it’s kind of a big deal when iZotope debuts a new free plug-in. It’s called Neutrino, and it’s being dropped in our laps in exchange for an email address to show off some of iZotope’s new mixing technology that will incorporate into a bigger product later.

Neutrino performs subtle changes that are the result of a lot of complex math behind the scenes. Specifically, it adds more detail and polish to tracks near the finalization of a mix. With its four modes, Voice concentrates on mid and high frequencies; Bass focuses on bass-relevant, depth-adding frequencies; Instrument works on instrument-relevant low/mid/high frequencies; and Drums emphasizes transient details across all frequencies. Two controls adjust the Amount and Detail of the effect.

You can download Neutrino now for Mac/PC in AAX/AU/RTAS/VST2/VST3 formats.


Moody Sampler for Soundslates MPA (Music Production Assistant)

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Online music collaboration has been picking up steam lately, but after more than a decade of being “the next big thing,” it’s still not the current big thing. It’s getting there, but to reach a critical mass of musicians who are regularly making cloud-based collaboration their main method of working, perhaps it will take a new technological system that hits all the right notes. A team at musical social network Soundslates is trying to construct that system, called Soundslates MPA (Music Production Assistant). It’s a cloud-based music collaboration system that syncs sessions from most major DAWs between users, automatically backs up your work, provides cloud-connected music software, and offers both free and Pro memberships.

Soundslates MPA has released it newly redesigned Moody Sampler plug-in, the first instrument in the Soundslates MPA system that will eventually include its own DAW and other instruments. Moody Sampler works inside any AU/VST-supporting DAW and can import popular audio file formats to run through its sampler engine and five-slot effects deck. It’s also connected to more than 5,000 samples in the Soundslates cloud, along with a searchable browser that you can search by rating, keywords, etc.

Moody Sampler will also work in offline mode. With a free membership to Soundslates, you can download 200 sounds from the Factory Library, use 2GB of cloud storage and collaborate with one person per project. A $99/year Pro Membership will get you unlimited use of the Factory Library, 100GB of cloud storage and up to 20 collaborators per project.

AfroDJMac Black Hole Drums Rack for Ableton Live
Brian Funk, aka AfroDJMac, teaches Advanced Music Production for Ableton Live for Berklee Online, and he recently demonstrated how to make a set of drum samples from a recording derived from the gravitational waves of two black holes colliding, which reached the Earth in February. Watch the video below, and download the Drum Rack from Berklee Online.

Also, did you know that if you have not watched or are not watching Stranger Things on Netflix then you are a bad, bad person?!? I’m not watching it, but that seems to be the conventional wisdom right now. I have, however, enjoyed the ’80s-inspired synthesizer soundtrack to Stranger Things, as has Mr. Funk. He was inspired to create his new Polymoog Ableton Live Pack, 30 Instrument Racks-worth of retro synth goodness, including 14 recreations of the original Polymoog presets and 14 variations of those presets. Check out the great Stranger Things-style demos of the Live Pack and see if it’s not worth $10 for the download, or you can get it through AfroDJMac’s membership Music Production Club.


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