This Week in Free Stuff: Korg Gadget LE & Other Instruments

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With the big news for the week being Korg’s release of a free Gadget LE for Mac, our theme focuses on free instruments for your music. Beside’s Gadget’s five devices, you can fill in a blank to your collection with a darbuka plug-in, and rack up AfroDJMac’s five new field-recording based Ableton Live Instruments.

Korg Gadget LE for Mac
Perhaps Korg heard the cries that its Korg Gadget for Mac instrument/sequencing/mixing workstation was too top-heavy at $299 (limited-time intro price of $199), and decided to do something about it. So no as of this week, anyone can download Korg Gadget LE for free. This LE version has only five instruments—a drum machine and some synths—out of the 30+ from the full version, but that’s more than enough gadgets to whip up a li’l sum’n-sum’n for the #Korg140 competition currently going on at Allihoopa.

There are other limitations to the LE version as well: no exporting of audio, MIDI, or Ableton Live projects; no iCloud; no Ableton Link, etc. See this comparison table of all the iOS and Mac versions of Korg Gadget for more details.

Volko Audio Darbuka Nut Plug-in
You could buy and learn to play a darbuka, but that’s a big time commitment. You could bring a darbuka player into your studio, but that could be a problem is you’re hippie-allergenic. Instead, just download Volko Audio’s great Darbuka Nut VST/AU/RTAS plug-in. It’s 300 MB of 24-bit/44.1kHz samples capture a 5-screw, copper Nut Darbuka in 7 styles, including dubstep, rock, and traditional rhythms from Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). They’re played expertly and sound like they’re ready to drag-and-drop into your DAW or be chopped and screwed to your content. With 27 MIDI files included, you can apply the rhythms to any others sounds. The plug-in also includes real-time tempo change, a limiter, and reverb.

AfroDJMac Free Ableton Live Pack #153: Mode Audio Environment Synths
Your buddy is back with more free goodness. This time, Brian Funk partnered up with Mode Audio to create these Ableton Live Instrument Racks (for Live 9.7 Standard or above) by blending some field recordings from Mode Audio with instruments such as the Korg MS20 and other ‘80s synthesizers. Three of the racks let you add environmental sounds to the synths, and two other racks create playable synths out of a bird song and a monastery bell.

A comprehensive video below shows how AfroDJMac created this Live Pack, giving you technical tips along the way.

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