This Week in Free Stuff: Loopmasters Loopcloud & Medieval Weapons

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A new service still in its infancy, Loopmasters’ Loopcloud looks like a promising way to handle cloud-located sample libraries with DAW-synced streaming audio previewing before you download the full-quality sample files to a drive. Also check out the Medieval Weapons library and a Yamaha DD-8-based Ableton Live pack for kitschy percussive samples.

Loopmasters Loopcloud Free Software and Samples
You know how easily your internal and external hard drives can fill up with all the audio files and samples you’ve collected over time. You’ve probably thought about deleting a lot of them, but going through it all and deciding which ones to trash take a lot of time, and you can’t always be sure which samples you may want in the future.

If you’ve been doing things that way, Loopmasters’ Loopcloud was built to help you out, while providing other benefits as well. The free Loopcloud Mac/Windows software gives you a searchable and organizable database of any Loopmasters samples you’ve purchased, as well as 5GB of storage for uploading your own non-Loopmasters samples. (The storage feature is coming soon.)

Just for starting a free Loopcloud account, you’ll get 1GB of free samples, as well as a selection of new free samples every week. Those samples don’t download until you drag them into a DAW project. Until then, they’re available in your account, but stored on the cloud to help keep your hard drive uncluttered.

Loopmasters samples in Loopcloud are tagged for genre and description, key, tempo, etc., and you can add your own tags too. You can also mark sounds as Favorites. When searching for sounds, you can filter them down by Types (loop, one-shot, MIDI, preset, etc.), Formats (WAV, Maschine, Ableton Live, etc.), Genre, Instrument, and Label (who made the sounds).

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The Loopcloud software connects to your DAW via a small plug-in that tempo syncs the app to your DAW for previewing audio files. You preview sounds from the cloud in compressed OGG format, but when you drag a sample to your DAW, the sample downloads to a designated hard drive folder in its original format (WAV for example) and appears in your DAW track.

The Loopcloud app also works as a standalone program, where you can preview and download samples without a DAW running. Loopcloud also works across multiple computers and has an offline mode, as well.

Loopcloud will remain free to use, but after an introductory period, Loopmasters plans to offer paid subscription plans that will offer you more than 5GB of cloud sample storage.

Airborne Sound Free Medieval Weapons Sound FX Library Curated Edition
“Now stand aside, worthy adversary.”
“’Tis but a scratch.”
“A scratch? Your arm’s off!”
“No it isn’t.”
“Well what’s that, then?”
“I’ve had worse.”
Any geek over 35 recognizes those words. Even some younger geeks know that exchange comes from Arthur’s fight with the Black Knight in the 1975 classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Back then, they probably had to record their sword clashes the old-fashioned way. However, thanks a crowdfunding campaign a couple years ago and Airborne Sound’s recent improvements of renaming, organizing, processing, and adding metadata, you can get an impressive, authentic, and high-quality collection of 580 medieval weapons sound FX for free.

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The (340 MB) WAV + MP3 collection includes many types of longbow/crossbow and arrow sounds, many types of weapons hits and swinging sounds, sword draw-and-replace sounds, etc. Its enough to have you longing for a tankard of ale or a flagon of mead, whatever your preference.

Besides being great for sound design, you’ll hear many possibilities for these sounds to work as percussion or as ear candy for bass music and other types of electronic music. You’ll need to register your name and email with Airborne Sound to get the download link.

AfroDJMac/Bedroom Producer’s Blog Yamaha Toy Synths and Drums Ableton Live Pack
This tiny 1MB free download packs a lot of nostalgic sounds into an Ableton Live Drum Rack and an Instrument Rack. AfroDJMac made the Live Pack using 1993 Yamaha DD-8 samples from Tomislav Zlatic of Bedroom Producer’s Blog. The idea came from their chat on the Music Production Podcast #23, which you can get from the link.

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