This Week in Free Stuff: MS20, Neurofunk and One-Shot Samples

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AfroDJMac Korg MS20 Arps Ableton Live Presets Sampler
If you’ve read a few of these Free Stuff posts, you probably understand that Ableton Certified Trainer AfroDJMac (Brian Funk) understands the “freemium” model. He gives aways tons of Live Packs and now has a prolific Music Production Podcast to build up his profile and steer people toward his subscription Music Production Club, as well as his larger, paid Live Packs. It’s a model that every producing musician could consider. Besides exposure, making a lot of free stuff also helps sharpen up your techniques.

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On his latest project, the Korg MS20 Arps Ableton Live Pack, Funk makes arpeggiated instrument patches using a single MS20 sample per preset, and with the filter/delay/chorus and arpeggiator Macro control sets, those single-sample patches can morph from a short blip of a sound to a thick and huge evolving arpeggiated lead. The AIFF samples retains a lot of analog character of the MS20 hardware. You can grab three presets in the free sampler, and for the full Korg MS20 Arps Live Pack with 40 additional Instrument Racks, you can get it now by joining the AfroDJMac Music Production Club for $6 a month or buy it separately for $15 when it’s released in May.

GhostHack Neurofunk Free Sample Pack
I still maintian that the genre Neurofunk is just drum ’n’ bass but with 21st-century synths rather than stuff from the ‘90s. But I like the name so much, I can’t give it too much crap. And what’s better than Neurofunk samples? Free Neurofunk samples! This 70-file pack from GhostHack is a Neurofunk starter kit with basslines, drum loops and individual drum and riser sounds, recorded at 172BPM and 24-bit WAV quality. Check it out if you have 116MB to spare for this modern take on DnB. If you want more, GhostHack has you covered with Neurofunk Arsenal, a 742MB pack for 20-30 Euros (depending on the sale price).

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This audio demo uses only sounds from the free download.

Function Loops One Shots Free Download
Speaking of goofy genre names, Function Loops came out with its Trapical sample pack ($17.90) this week, and I have to give them clever points for that. It’s a blend of trap, bass and tropical sounds inspired by the likes of Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and the Chainsmokers.

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However, Function Loops’ latest freebie is a collection of more than 300 one-shot samples taken from various tropical, trance, trap, house, and EDM Function Loops titles. It has a little of everything: drums & percussion, stabs, synth hits, SFX, and vocals. This was orginally an Easter giveaway, but it’s still available, so act now before they change their minds. When you get to the page, scroll down to the “Free Download Shots Here” link.

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