This Week in Free Stuff: Notation, Recording and Dynamics Software

Grab a Nice Notation Software for Windows, a Recording app for iOS and Four-title Dynamics Bundle from Plugin Alliance, all for Free.
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Shure ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording App for iOS

It’s easy to find free basic recording apps for iOS, but I’m always on the lookout for something that offers more than the bare necessities. Shure has just dropped V2.0 of its ShurePlus Motiv app, a no-cost recorder that has special configuration and optimization settings for the line of Shure Motiv microphones, but which also works as a stand-alone app for any iOS user.

The updates that make ShuePlus Motiv worth checking out even if you don’t use a Shure Motiv mic include a new editing tool with trimming, splitting, timeline markers and user-defined fades. An enhanced interface for managing recordings and more accurate metering also sweeten the pot.

Forte Notation Forte 7 Basic for Windows

The inability to read music notation is a dirty little secret among musicians that’s often not so little and not so secret. Many of us either can’t read it or can read it like a second-year student can read Spanish: poorly and at a fraction of real-world speed. When that’s the case, investing in notation software doesn’t often make a lot of sense. However, having software to convert MIDI files to notation for musicians you may work with can be a big plus, and once you have it you may benefit from writing parts in the notation realm and brushing up on music-reading skills.

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(Editor's update, 9.9.16: This offer is now expired.) Forte Notation is giving away its new entry-level Forte 7 Basic program, which usually sells for $24. It includes abilities the company’s normal free version does not, and has been designed for newcomers to notation software to pick up the system quickly. The Windows-only Forte 7 Basic has a limited feature set but includes important elements such as MIDI file import and MIDI step recording, and if it catches on in your mind, you can always upgrade to Forte 7 Home or Forte 7 Premium. Get the free download here in exchange for your email address.

Plugin Alliance - PA Free Plugin Bundle for Mac or Windows

We have it on good authority that Plugin Alliance will be announcing a cool new high-end plug-in next week, and it surely won’t be free. However, that reminded me that this distributor of boutique pro audio plug-ins has its own freebie bundle that’s definitely worth registering to get. The PA Free Plugin Bundle includes four pared-down versions of larger Plugin Alliance products that show off what some of the most highly respected developers on its roster can do.

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The Brainworx bx_cleansweep V2 puts the same high-pass and low-pass filters from the best-selling bx_digital V2 plug-in at your disposal, and the bx_solo gives you a taste of the company’s trademark M/S (mid-side) technology from the killer bx_control V2 plug-in. Also, the Elysia Niveau Filter adds highs while reducing lows (or vice versa), and the SPL Free Ranger gives you a free and easy 4-band graphic EQ. You may not get all the high-end features, but you get all the pro sound for no price other than registering your email. After that you’ll get promo emails from Plugin Alliance, but take note, those newsletters frequently include drastic sales, where penny-pinching plug-in lovers can find some wild deals.

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