This Week in Free Stuff: Output Signal Free, Ableton Artist Pack & Sound FX

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After a short Summer NAMM 2017 break, where we ruminate on all the enticing shiny musical objects that may set back our finances, we’re back for another tight-fisted look at the nice new sounds tools that will cost you naught but some time and an email address.

Output Signal Free Version
Everyone loves Output’s huge, cinematic, sample-based instruments, but not everyone has a Hollywood blockbuster budget to pay for this L.A. company’s masterpieces. While the 40GB Signal “Pulse Engine” instrument from Output costs a reasonable $199, the company graciously made a the Signal Free version available recently. Featuring the same powerful pulse engine as the full version, but with fewer sound sources and presets, Signal Free comes with 2GB of content and can run in the Native Instruments Free Kontakt Player 5.

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Like other Output products, Signal and Signal Free are there to help you craft new epic sounds when you’re looking for something fresh. Signal particularly specializes in live instruments and full-bodied analog synths with evolving and rhythmic motion, as well as pulsating hybrid electro-acoustic sounds. The videos will show you more as you’re installing Signal Free with the Output Hub utility.

Monolog & Subheim Ableton Live Artist Pack

Ableton recently interviewed Monolog & Subheim about how they produce music together and the vagaries of collaborating when you put two producers together who are capable of every step in the production process. As a bonus, the Berlin duo gifted readers a 66 MB Ableton Live pack of sounds and devices from the “Sumo Rimi” track on their new Conviction EP. The track is a dark and moody mixture of harsh electronic texture and evocative ethnic instruments. (No email address needed to download this one.)

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Soundopolis Free SFX 3

In the sound design/Foley department, sound effects professionals Soundopolis have russled up a 154 MB collection of whippings, impacts, crunches, and general Foley sounds for its Free SFX 3 download. The combat sounds from Whoosh, Swoosh & Swing are an obvious fit for hip-hop, dubstep, and trap music, and the ice and snow crunches and crackles from Icy Snow HD make for great percussion fodder as well. Samples from Foley Plus will round out your tool chest of general sound effects, and they’re all pristinely recorded and ready to use.

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