This Week in Free Stuff: Pac-Man Sequencer, Finger Drumming & MIDI Basslines

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How about some free loot beyond the normal limited effect plug-ins and drum samples? Yeah? Good. This week’s crop includes a MaxforLive sequencer based on an ‘80s video game phenomenon, software and lessons for finger drumming, and 200 MIDI Basslines for many different EDM genres.

Isotonik Studios Ghosts LE MaxforLive Generative MIDI Sequencer
Most of the ‘80s nostalgia swirling about the music production community has to do with analog and early digital synthesizers and drum machines, but Isotonik Studios’ latest giveaway mines the neon decade for perhaps its most recognizable video game, Pac-Man. Ghosts LE, a sequencer for Ableton Live 9.7 with MaxforLive 7, sets loose up to four ghosts within a Pac-Man-style maze to control four generative sequencers.

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Each sequencer has controls for looping, speed, solo/mute, and note parameters such as velocity, length and octave. You can also set accent note and speed icons inside the maze for ghosts to encounter. Ghosts LE provides a novel and unpredictable way to create parts, and includes clip export. It’s also a free look into Isotonik’s similar Arcade Series Returns (approx. $35 USD) group of four MaxforLive sequencers.

Free Melodics Finger Drumming Lessons from Ableton
If watching prodigy finger-drummer videos has ever stirred some longing within you, the Melodics software gamifies finger drumming to help you practice your skills and level up to your own state of mastery. Melodics pairs with any pad controller you have and starts out beginners with entry-level lessons that escalate all the way up to insane heights. You can get started with Melodics for free and access many lessons. To really become a hardcore finger drummer though, you may have to subscribe to Melodics for $19.99/month or $9.99/month when paying for a full year.

However, Ableton has just chipped in some additional free Melodics lessons based on its Beat Tools Live Pack. When you enter the ABLETON-BEATTOOLS promo code into Melodics, you’ll get extra free lessons from producer and Push master BMaul.

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Sonicwire/Irrupt Audio MIDI & WAV Basslines
Producers of bass music, trap, dubstep, wobble house, or anything wobbly really, will want to dig into these 200 MIDI Basslines produced by Irrupt Audio for Sonicwire. They cover a lot genre territory with jazzy downtempo basslines, funky licks, and frenetic rips. It’s a 480MB download, because they’ve thrown in WAV version of the basslines to go along with the MIDI files.

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Check out an audio demo on the MIDI Basslines product page.

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