This Week in Free Stuff: Pinball, Drum & Analog Akai Samples

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While there are tons of free giveaways out there for say, Native Instruments Kontakt or for the Windows OS, it always hurts my spirit a little bit to exclude producers who don’t have the requisite gear. I am after all a magnanimous cheapskate. So this week I highlight some new and tasty free offers for good old-fashioned WAV files at the industry-standard resolution of 24-bit/44.1kHz. I promise I’ll get back to Ableton Live Packs soon enough, so you hardcore abletoneers can feel the weight of your privilege.

Sample Science / WolfPack Akai Analog Sample Pack
Akai’s feral trinity of analog synths and drum machines—the Timbre Wolf, Rhythm Wolf, and Tom Cat—are part of the renaissance of affordable, compact analog gear, and it would be a joy to try to tame the whole pack. The team of Sample Science and has already attempted that, and has released its WolfPack of sample from all three instruments for free. The royalty-free 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV samples comprise two Tom Cat drum kits, 41 drum loops, 24 synth loops, and some one-shots. The whole this is 71MB unzipped.

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How cool is it when someone comes up with an original sample library idea that’s not only unusual, but also suitable for making beats? It doesn’t really happen that often, and it’s even better when that collection costs you nothing. The VSToff site brings you some free pinball wizardry with the Flipper Mania collection: 60 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV samples from a 1967 Solitaire Flipper pinball machine. Bumpers, paddles, tilts… these sounds are iconic, and as the audio demos show, not at all bad for piecing together rhythms. No coins needed.

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Big Dream Producer Free Drum Samples
Newcomer Big Dream Producer has offered an free introductory pack of royalty-free drum samples in the 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV format. This a basic but well-rounded starter set of drum and percussion samples with 5 tuned 808 booms, 24 kicks, as well as snares, cymbals, claps, and more.

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